SecureStack | Developer Friendly Cloud Security

Application Security. Evolved.

SecureStack helps software developers find security & scalability gaps in their web applications and offers ways to fix those gaps without forcing those developers to become security experts. The results are faster time to business and a 60%-70% reduction in the app attack surface.

Workload Diversity:
Your applications run in containers, on servers and leverage serverless.

This is the new normal.

Build once, secure once, and deploy anywhere

Our platform eliminates potential risks from ever getting into your environments and dramatically shrinks your attack surface.

Welcome to CloudBuilder

For the first time you can build the same secure servers in AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure using SecureStack’s native cloud provisioning.  No more special snowflakes that you can’t turn off because no one knows how to build it again. Everything you build with CloudBuilder is hardened to CIS Level 1 specifications.

Secure Standard Operating Environments enable standardized, repeatable and secure compute with security tools & controls built in

DevSecOps Collaboration Ecosystem lets teams deliver applications faster and safer

Service Catalog for Security enables your team to consume what they need in the cloud but with the guardrails in place your company requires

Continuous Compliance delivered effortlessly as a service